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Jeff Goodman, BlabbermouthJeff Goodman nonprofit marketing director in Phoenix, Arizona. A former professional actor, Jeff is no stranger to storytelling. For ten years, he took to the stage to engage audiences and convey messages through one of the oldest storytelling venues there is. Life then led him to the world of advertising, where he worked in Public Relations, representing clients in a variety of industries. This is when he discovered Word of Mouth and realized it was a practice sorely missing from the Phoenix market. Jeff took a hiatus from the traditional marketing world to work in politics during the 2008 election cycle, an election that saw Word of Mouth strategies rise to acclaim, prominence, and – ultimately – victory. During these campaigns, Jeff was able to conceive and execute new ways to reach constituents in the digital world and engage them on an online grassroots level to recruit their own friends and families to the cause. Following the election, he began his own consulting practice, leading to work with nonprofits, charitable foundations, and education organizations. In 2014, Jeff took a full time job with one of his amazing clients, but still uses this site to provide updates on his work and observations and insights found on the job… albeit infrequently.


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