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While state budget cuts pose a major challenge to Arizona State University President Michael Crow’s vision for the New American University, ASU continues to find ways to innovate and work toward building a stronger community. One way in particular demonstrates a keen understanding of using the power of consumer participation to drive communication efforts and – ultimately – shape the scope and direction of an organization. ASU recently launched its Community Connect Web site to pool the minds and resources of its students, alumni, and community partners.

The site describes itself as “new pathways to information about programs and partnerships and services connected with ASU. And we designed the site to function as a tool for individuals to use to meet their objectives. The result is a link-based site, with very little rhetoric and a lot of choices. We hope this allows users to find what they want efficiently.”

This is a very cool example of how the internet and social media change, not only the ways we receive information, but how we share information, and most importantly collaborate with others we may not otherwise meet. I’m excited to watch the progress of ASU’s Community Connect Web site and see what it leads to for the university and the community. 

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  • Michael Crow is part of the problem, not the solution. He invites discrimination lawsuits by systematically denying tenure to African Americans. ASU will neither confirm nor deny that no African Americans have been tenured since his hire in 2002.
    There are many discrimination cases at ASU linked to Crow that cost the Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars per year in litigation fees and settlements.

    Michael aka Jim Crow brings his bigotry to ASU from Columbia where he served as vice provost. According to one inside source at Columbia, in the long running discrimination case, Chichilnisky vs Columbia, “Mike Crow engineered the whole thing.”

    ASU does not need Michael Crow.


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