Welcome to the BlabberBlog, I’ll be your host – Jeff Goodman. The BlabberBlog will be my way of communicating the latest from Blabbermouth – including new clients, current campaigns, or other Word of Mouth campaigns out there that I think are cool. I might use this as a place to ask for your help – if I get stuck and need some help brainstorming, maybe you could lend a hand (or an idea).

This will also be a venue for me to be a Blabbermouth. When I discover something I think you should see/try/do/eat/watch/make, I’ll let you know about it… because, after all, that’s what it’s all about, right? If there’s something you think I should Blab about, let me know.

I’ll try not to be too long-winded, if possible, and while I plan to post regularly, I won’t blog just for the sake of it. The BlabberBlog belongs to all of us; I’m just leading the conversation. Please participate: comment, contact me, and – most of all – please, please, please share the BlabberBlog and Blabbermouth with others.

Thanks. I look forward to great things together. Here’s to Blabbing in the New Year!

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