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They say parents aren’t supposed to pick a favorite child. In my time working for Expect More Arizona, I have helped create countless projects to engage Arizonans in supporting education. I am proud of a lot of that work… but, I have a clear favorite.

In March of 2014, we launched to provide parents and other concerned Arizonans one simple action they can take to support teachers and students. In the last year, I have created and designed at least 5 unique actions a week (with no end in sight for the campaign). The Today actions have increased our following and engagement on social media exponentially, building momentum and support in all areas of our work.

I LOVE this campaign dearly. But, it isn’t exactly my favorite.

Today Arts & Culture AdWe don’t want parents to have to visit Expect More Arizona’s website or social media pages in order to find us. We want to disrupt them in their daily lives, and provide these actions to families in their natural habitats. We are now able to do that, thanks to some new partnerships with arts & culture organizations across the state.

So, my favorite child is an offshoot of the Today campaign that combines my two deepest passions: the arts & education. Now, when parents visit any of 24 amazing arts & culture destinations in Arizona, they are given a worksheet with 5 simple actions they can do with their child Today.

The worksheets are available at the locations or parents can download them at Plus, if they take a photo of one of these activities, they can upload it to the site for a chance to win tickets to another of the arts & culture destinations.

So, if you have kids, you don’t need to pick a favorite. Gather them up, head out on an adventure, pick up a worksheet and enjoy my favorite project… Today!


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