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Sometimes I hear clients or colleagues refer to me as a “Social Media Expert.” While it’s very flattering, to be honest, I’ve never really been comfortable with the title. I am a marketer (with, hopefully, some level of expertise) who often uses social media as a tool to engage consumers in conversation. I’ve long maintained that if you really want a “Social Media Expert,” you should hire a teenager. (You’ll sacrifice the marketing end, of course, but most teenagers know more about social media than most professional marketers will ever know).

Over the holidays, I got to spend time with family, including my 14-year-old nephew Matt, a true “Social Media Expert.” Matt asked me some questions about Blabbermouth, and showed some real interest in what I do. He asked, in particular, about a YouTube video I had done for my business. I told him that if he wanted to make his own Blabbermouth video – and if he did a good job – I would feature it on my Web site. He did a good job with it, so…

Presenting a Matt Goodman Production, “What is a Blabbermouth”:

Matt is a veteran YouTube video maker. I feel pretty confident that once he starts sharing this video with his friends and online social networks, it will have the highest number of views of any video I have made. Thanks, Matt. Great job!

Below is a video I made with my golf instructor, Robbie Camacho:

By the way, the Federal Trade Commision requires I tell you that Robbie is also a client. I am, however, under no obligation to tell you that Robbie is a great golf instructor, a pretty darn good golfer, and a really nice guy. If you are looking for some golf lessons in the Phoenix area, definitely give him a call (or, you can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

I could really use your help. I created this video for a great band – The Citizens. I really want to spread the word about them…not because they’re clients, and not because I’m close friends with the guitar player. I have loved this band for a long time, and I know once more people hear them, the possibilities are endless.

So, I’d like to ask a few favors of you. First, watch the video.

Next, did you like them? You can hear more of their music on The Citizens’ Web site. If you like what you hear, you can download their albums from iTunes. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

Finally – and this is where I really need your help – I’d like to find some bloggers who will repost The Surfer video. Obviously, those who write about music would be a start, but let’s think beyond that too. There have to be blogs about monkeys, circuses, circus freaks, surfing, monsoons, and other related topics seen in the video. Do you know these bloggers? Do you know someone who knows someone? If you do, please let them know about The Surfer video. Every little bit helps; no blog is too big or too small.

Thanks for your help. You’re the best!

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